Ensuring success with the syscovery Savvy partnership

We have developed a software that internal and external service providers can use to reach your customers easily and intelligently. Renowned companies like T-Systems and Hewlett Packard rely on our solutions. Become a syscovery partner today and start offering our products and services to your customer base so you can become a part of our success story.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the requirements of the user and IT. Savvy means intelligent. With this in mind, we have incorporated the very best processes and knowledge for mapping the lifecycles of IT services into the SavvySuite. We have established ourselves as a manufacturer for domestic as well as international customers as a result of our quality and reliability. More than 600,000 users from all business sectors reflect the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

As a part of the syscovery Savvy partnership, you will not only enjoy the benefits of this unique solution’s excellent quality but also the benefits of our market penetration and our excellent references.

The syscovery sales partnership

As a sales partner, you are a part of the syscovery sales network, are familiar with the basic functions of the SavvySuite and can expertly provide extensive information about all products and services offered by syscovery. Of course, every time a contract is signed, our sales partners are rewarded with a performance fee. In workshops, our experts provide you with succinct yet thorough training in the most important aspects of sales. These training sessions will provide you with optimum preparation for your sales responsibilities.

The syscovery integration partnership

As a part of a syscovery integration partnership, you will have your own customer projects. This means that you’re in charge and you work autonomously without interference from the software supplier. Our experts will make sure you are properly trained to do so in workshops lasting a few days and provide you with optimum preparation for your responsibilities.

Specifically, these workshops are:

  • Implementing solution concepts in SavvySuite configurations
  • Extensive experience with SavvySuite processes
  • Good knowledge of workflow and interface configuration

Our philosophy and our market – two guarantees for your success

Our company has one clear goal: to be better than our competition. This requires creativity and dedication, structured methods and professional solutions. Our IT solutions are successfully established in the market and have one main feature in common: the optimization of complex IT landscapes and processes to create maximum value from IT. IT organizations and IT service providers appreciate their professional and collaborative partnership with us. The use of these software products provides our customers with a tangible business advantage. They benefit from the sustainable reduction of IT costs and simultaneous increase in the satisfaction of end users.

An assessment from the weekly magazine Computerwoche (2014-10-01) confirms the appeal of the market in which we operate. “Despite all of the pressure to change, the future outlook for the IT service sector remains promising. The projections made by market researchers differ slightly, but the business as a whole is expected to grow by about five perfect in 2014. Market researchers also expect healthy growth in the years ahead, especially because most providers have already implemented the change.”

It is clear that we are very well situated in a lucrative market. Take this opportunity to contact us today and join the syscovery Savvy partnership!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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