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Focused on user

Sav­vy­Sui­te is an intel­li­gent and effi­ci­ent it ser­vice cata­log manage­ment soft­ware which sup­ports every step of your IT pro­ces­ses. Star­ting form your first requi­re­ments up to the final deli­very of a ser­vice as well as the repor­ting and accoun­ting. Opti­mi­zed for your use and con­ve­nie­ce of your employees. Safe cos­ts and fas­ten your pro­cess time.

Cost efficient

Fast implementation and usage

Working effec­ti­ve and suc­cess­full from the start is not always easy. Our sav­vy it ser­vice cata­log tool is role based and will be inte­gra­ted into your pro­ces­ses  — tay­lo­red effi­ci­en­cy cus­to­mi­zed to your needs. Even bet­ter with Sav­vy as a Ser­vice we offer your a real cloud solu­ti­on which can be imple­men­ted even faster.

Transparent & secure

reliable reportings

With Sav­vy­Sui­te we offer you an up to date plat­form with the poten­ti­al to estab­lish a cost effi­ci­ent, trans­pa­rent and secu­re iden­ti­ty, access and ser­vice lifecy­cle manage­ment in your com­pa­ny. This is a true future rea­dy Ser­vice cata­log pai­red with enti­t­le­ment and request manage­ment at its best.

Smart it service catalog management optimized for your performance

Just ima­gi­ne a work envi­ro­ment which is total­ly adap­ted to its users. Whe­re effi­ci­en­cy has its space to spread, a place whe­re all pro­ces­ses are mana­ged, iden­ti­tes crea­ted, rights given and access gran­ted ful­ly auto­ma­ted and could be reques­ted by the user its­elf. New users and employees could be crea­ted and mana­ged wit­hin a sin­gle click.

Thats the visi­on of Sav­vy­Sui­tes uni­que it ser­vice cata­log con­cept, we give you the opor­tu­ni­ty to build a new, cost effi­ci­ent and con­trol­ab­le work envi­ro­ment which hand­les all rele­vant pro­ces­ses, iden­ti­ties and user accounts for you. Build to your needs it will meet not only your requirments but also your alrea­dy natu­ral­ly grown cor­po­ra­te struc­tu­re. At the same time it will be trans­pa­rent an will pro­vi­de you with all the nec­cesa­ry reports and data security.

Start buil­ding a smart work envi­ro­ment for future suc­cess — Today!

Carefree application management

In gro­wing IT envi­ron­ments, smooth ope­ra­ti­ons may only be ensu­red, whe­re app­li­ca­ti­on manage­ment is clear­ly desi­gned and exe­cu­t­ed, while at the same time focus is still on effi­ci­en­cy and cost reduc­tion. We help you to clo­se the­se gaps bet­ween auto­ma­ti­on, proc­cess plan­ning and exe­cu­ti­on and dai­ly business. 

  • App­li­ca­ti­on Ope­ra­ti­ons and App­li­ca­ti­on Maintenance
  • Help Desk and Tech­ni­cal Support
  • Inci­dent Manage­ment and Chan­ge Management
  • Solu­ti­on Opti­miz­a­ti­on and Automation
  • Ser­vice Deli­very and Ser­vice Level Management

Take advan­ta­ge of more than 20 years of syscovery’s expe­ri­ence. We offer you solu­ti­ons and con­sul­ting to your needs. Con­ta­ct us today 

One software — many solutions

  • over 1.7 mil licences sold

  • over 20 years of expierence

  • identity management

  • access management

  • service lifecycle management

  • application management

  • consulting

  • optimized for a better performance