Savvy is identity access service lifecycle software for you


Focused on user

SavvySuite is an intelligent and efficient software product that supports every step of your IT processes. Starting form your first requirements up to the final delivery of a service as well as the reporting and accounting. Identity and access management at its best. Optimized for your use and conveniece of your employees. Safe costs and fasten your process time.

Cost efficient

Fast implementation and usage

Working effective and successfull from the start is not always easy. Our identity and acccess software solution can be implemented into your processes and will be customized to your needs. With Savvy as a Service we offer your a real cloud solution which can be implemented even faster.

Transparent & secure

reliable reportings

With SavvySuite we offer you an up to date platform with the potential to establish a cost efficient, transparent and secure identity, access and service lifecycle management in your company.

Smart identity and access management optimized for your performance

Just imagine a work enviroment which is totally adapted to its user. Where efficiency has its space to spread, a place where all processes are managed, identites created, rights given and access granted fully automated and could be requested by the user itself. New users and employees could be created and managed within a single click.

Thats the vision of SavvySuite, we give you the oportunity to build a new, cost efficient and controlable work enviroment which handles all relevant processes, identities and user accounts for you. Build to your needs it will meet not only your requirments but also your already naturally grown corporate structure. At the same time it will be transparent an will provide you with all the neccesary reports and data security.

Start building a smart work enviroment for future success –  Today!

Carefree application management

In growing IT environments, smooth operations may only be ensured, where application management is clearly designed and executed, while at the same time focus is still on efficiency and cost reduction. We help you to close these gaps between automation, proccess planning and execution and daily business. 

  • Application Operations and Application Maintenance
  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Incident Management and Change Management
  • Solution Optimization and Automation
  • Service Delivery and Service Level Management

Take advantage of more than 20 years of syscovery’s experience. We offer you solutions and consulting to your needs. Contact us today 

One software – many solutions

  • over 1.5 mio licences sold

  • over 20 years of expierence

  • identity management

  • access management

  • service lifecycle management

  • application management

  • consulting

  • optimized for a better performance

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