Make it easy on yourself.


SavvySuite is an intelligent and efficient software product that supports every nook and cranny of your IT processes through the interaction of requirements, service delivery and finances. Integrative and comprehensive management of your IT services is possible throughout the entire service life of the software by using SavvySuite.

Starting with the consolidation of personnel master data and including everything from requests and management of IT services in self-service, the guidelines-compliant mapping of business processes and authorization assignments or the complete automation of the provisioning services all the way to the transparent billing of services.

The Savvy Suite – the web-based all-around performer for maximum efficiency.

More responsibility for your users.


Do it yourself: instead of managing the different tasks using one centralized position, SavvySuite relies on the expertise of your employees and puts this in the foreground. Your employees know your requirements the best – it is for this reason that they also have the option of actively being involved in all processes using the web dialog feature.

They can trigger all requirements and changes themselves (depending on their entitlement), view assets and personal data or learn about processes. Smartphones and tablets are of course supported for this purpose as well as for pending approvals.

The innovative operating concept with wizards in conjunction with the intelligent service catalog makes every process as simple as placing an order on the Internet.

Bringing smart to all IT services.


The SavvySuite service catalog presents the complete range of services and products in a transparent and user-friendly manner. That‘s not all – the service catalog takes the application context into account at any given time. The role of the orderer, the employee profile as well as the organizational structure are all taken into consideration.

It is also possible to distinguish whether the employee is internal or external, whether an order is to be placed at different locations or for different companies, which depends on if the service is rendered by an internal or external IT organization.

In addition to the organizational context, compatibility with existing assets and regulations relating to accessories plays a central role. The appropriate catalog for the respective entitlement is always the only one displayed.

Processed in a manner that is traceable …


Providing data from analyses regarding the corresponding business processes is one thing. What is even more critical is the visual processing of this data so that it is easier to understand and use.

SavvySuite presents data such as the ordering, cancellation or extension of accesses within the last month or the current assignment of entitlements and user accounts within the system landscape using graphic reports.

The role-based access concept makes it possible for the persons responsible to quickly and easily display all data from with- in the employee‘s area of responsibility with minimum effort.

Ready to use from the very first moment …


To work effectively and successfully from the start, sometimes more than just willpower alone is needed. It is critical that all relevant resources are made available to the employees quickly and easily. It is precisely at this point that the Identity Management feature of SavvySuite starts …