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To work effectively and successfully from the start, sometimes more than just willpower alone is needed. It is critical that all relevant resources are made available to the employees quickly and easily. It is precisely at this point that the Identity Management feature of SavvySuite starts.

While the HR systems focus their discussion primarily on the purely contractual aspect of internal employees, SavvySuite takes care of the technical and data protection-compliant provisioning of personal data, which is the indispensable basis for all further IT processes.

This ensures that a connection to HR department processes is guaranteed at any time. This can also be expanded to include managing additional groups of people such as external project employees, if necessary. SavvySuite forms the base for complex authorization procedures, replacements due to vacation, employees joining or leaving the company, recertification processes or parental leave.

Entitlements fully under control.


Just as critical as the management of your employees is the secure and transparent administration application of your user accounts and entitlements. SavvySuite shifts management and responsibility for entitlements and access from the IT organization to the users in specialized departments, which is what truly sets us apart. Employees can order entitlements for themselves according to the rules prescribed by the corporate security department.

The parties responsible have an overview of who receives what access to an application or a data directory at any time. Organizational changes affect the entitlement structures automatically. Loss of time due to time-consuming searches for entitlements or user accounts is a thing of the past, thanks to SavvySuite.

Stored business processes ensure that the correct approval configuration is always determined and the corresponding target systems are always addressed. Employees are given the optimal amount of support during their day- to-day work in an active business environment and simultaneously take into account meeting management‘s requirements for data security and reducing costs.

Cutting costs through automation.


There is no such thing as complete automation of all IT processes yet? We are not able to set up computers using SavvySuite, but all kinds of backend systems can be connected with the flexible interfaces and connectors. This ensures that the provisioning process is completely automated.

The time until a virtual server is available to an end user, for example, drops into the minute range. Topics such as minimizing errors, the documentation of processes or increased security as a result of the immediate blocking of all access in the event of a termination are of course addressed.

In combination with self-service, there is a dramatic cost reduction in IT.

Reducing costs transparently and guaranteeing security …


How is it possible to adapt the entitlements and services of the employees to new specific conditions without using coercive measures? SavvySuite recertification asks users to confirm their use at different time intervals or whenever their areas of responsibility or work situation changes. This not only helps users achieve savings quickly and easily by canceling services that are no longer required but also helps them close any existing gaps in security.

This of course can also be used for external project employees. Unclaimed accounts and unsecured online access are a thing of the past. Everything within view: SavvySuite ensures you will always receive an overview of your current IT cost development, whether it is the licenses being used, user accounts or your employees‘ basic IT equipment. These can then be transferred directly to the cost centers of the respective service user and displayed transparently via internal service billing.

This ensures the IT costs are reduced in a proactive manner and user accounts and licenses are transferred based on the responsible party. The persons responsible for cost center benefit from maximum transparency. Service-based invoicing data can also be made available to business systems for generating invoices or to financial accounting. This ensures there is even more transparency and cost awareness throughout the company.

There is nothing left to be desired.

The SavvySuite

SavvySuite is the perfect platform to establish transparent and secure Identity, Access as well as Service Lifecycle Management …