SavvySuite Certified Business Operator (CERTBO)

The Sav­vy­Sui­te Cer­ti­fied Busi­ness Ope­ra­tor — Exam mea­su­res a candidate’s know­ledge and skills rela­ted to the fol­lowing objectives:

  • A can­di­da­te should know the func­tio­n­al scope of the Core and Request Manage­ment modu­les and thus be able to imple­ment the requi­re­ments of the busi­ness depart­ments in the Sav­vy­Sui­te in cata­log, ser­vice item and pro­cess structures.
  • A can­di­da­te should be able to main­tain and moni­tor the error-free busi­ness func­tion of Sav­vy­Sui­te and iden­ti­fy and fix errors if necessa­ry or report them as a inci­dent ticket.

About the exam

  • Loca­ti­on: Gui­ded online tes­ting environment
  • Scope: 20 mul­ti­ple choice/multiple select questions
  • Maxi­mum time: 45 minutes
  • Requi­red score: 60%, ans­we­red 12 out of 20 ques­ti­ons com­ple­te­ly correctly
  • Pre­re­qui­si­tes: None; Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in trai­ning stron­gly recommended
  • Aids: None; Only a blank sheet of paper and a pen­cil may be used during the exam.

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Pri­ce: 180,- Euro net plus VAT. Pri­ce per participant

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