Release 1.11.5 – Automate you fulfillment via our API

the new SavvySuite release 1.11.5 is available. The highlights this time: Configuration item search for key users, Entra ID and API access to order items for third-party systems.

Read more about the most important changes here:

New Key User Configuration item search
For key users, there is now a new, even more convenient search option for configuration items in the header of the application, i.e. accessible from anywhere. You can search for a specific term to prevent too many and possibly inaccurate hits. SavvySuite determines the best hits from various criteria and displays them according to relevance. The display of the field or context in which the search term was found makes it easy for the user to quickly find the right configuration item.

Authentication via Entra ID
Do your users work in the cloud and already use Microsoft Entra ID? Then logging in is now easier. Set up access to the SavvySuite web application and the Business Configuration Manager via the Microsoft Entra ID instead of the previously used Windows authentication.

Easier automation of fulfillment via the API
Would you like to transfer orders from SavvySuite to other systems for fulfillment? This is now even easier. New workflow actions now generate notifications when a new order item is waiting. Via the REST Web API, the third-party systems only retrieve the new order items that are suitable for them.

Identity management processes via the API
Are you already using SavvySuite’s REST Web API to transfer orders from your system to SavvySuite? This is now also possible for persons. In the Identity Management module, processes for persons can now be triggered via the API, both a new creation and any changes. Of course, the order items can now also be retrieved.

Improved dialog display
The display of dialogs in the web application now adapts to the monitor setting. For users who use a particularly wide monitor, this now means an improved overview and no more “wasted space” on the left and right.