Release 1.11.4 – New search features for key users

The new SavvySuite Release 1.11.4 is now available. First of all: there are many new features this time, especially for key users! Read more about the most important changes here:

Improvements in the key user order item search

After the configuration item search was accelerated in the last release, it is now the turn of order items. When a key user searches for them, the search accesses a separate search server via a new index, which is installed independently of the web application. This means that results are displayed up to 1000% faster.

The arrangement of the search fields has been optimized. Various fields now offer selections and a live search. Instead of a fixed order date, you can now search by time period.

Shortcuts and more in the order item list

Which order items for myself or that I have ordered are still open? A key user can now see this in the overview, and details can be accessed with a single click.  As already known from Self Service, the distinction between open, successfully completed and unsuccessfully completed order items is now visible via color stripes. For open order items, there is also a new progress indicator that shows the current status of processing at a glance.

Where is it stuck?

The order item page now provides quick answers to this question. For each processing phase (preparation, approval, provisioning, acceptance), the system evaluates how long the order item has been in this phase. The key user can enter any time period and sort the list according to the time spent in the phase.

Questions about how many order items have been successfully or unsuccessfully completed in this period or how many open order items have been changed are now also answered at a glance.

External call of work orders for Provision Workers

It is now possible to jump to the Provision Worker views externally by using a link. Optionally, the detail page of a work order can be opened directly or the work order list can be displayed with or without using a specified profile.

Online documentation in the CIC

As of this release, you can find all SavvySuite documentation online in our Customer Interaction Center CIC. PDF documents for download are no longer available.

SavvySuite Classic no longer available

As already announced in the mail for release 1.11.2, SavvySuite Classic is no longer included in the scope of delivery and will be removed in an update. Only the new web application is available for end users.

REST web service API: Version 1 no longer available

As announced, support for version 1 of the REST web service API is no longer available. Make sure that you only use version 2 of the REST web service API in good time before the update.