Positive response to the second customer forum

After the premiere of the syscovery customer forum in June 2014, when all participants wished for a regular continuation of the event, the time had come. The second syscovery customer forum took place in Worms on 16 and 17 June 2015. The organizers were able to welcome more visitors than in the previous year to the event, which again took place in the rooms of the Parkhotel Prinz Carl.

After introductory words by syscovery managing director Peter Schwamb, the participants introduced themselves briefly. Peter Schwamb thanked two customers “from the very beginning” who have been using the Savvy Suite for 10 years now.

The first two presentations dealt with the innovations of the current Savvy Suite release, which has been available since December 2014 and has just been updated with the hotfix Bastian Wolf’s demonstration of the new web application with distributed roles on iPad and iPhone was very well received.

After the coffee break, during which the participants took the opportunity to try out what they had just seen for themselves in a demo environment, there was a practical report from the Identity Management area. Using a concrete example, the integration of the Savvy Suite with the company’s systems leading for organizational data was shown, obstacles and solutions were presented.

At the beginning of the second day, Sherzod Ubaydulloev gave a live presentation to the amazed forum participants on how to configure a newly installed system in half an hour so that there are only two minutes between order creation in the Savvy Suite and virtual machine creation in VMware using the new PowerShell connector.

This rather technical demonstration was followed by a testimonial from a major customer. In just a few weeks, it checked for approximately 1.2 million privileges from 54,000 roles in 60 systems, for approximately 1.2 million privileges, whether the more than 210,000 privileged users should retain this role or be withdrawn from it. Here, too, many empirical values and findings could be gathered which the other participants were very interested in.

In 2014, it was the workflow package that was implemented in the new release and already brings significant benefits to some customers. In the run-up to this year’s event, Uwe Sacherer again prepared customer requests, feedback from the consulting team and the results of the Feedback & Future Sessions and transformed them into five change proposals. The participants discussed eagerly and voted: the attribute package won this year. The configuration of the use and display of attributes in service classes should become simpler, clearer and faster. This concept was able to prevail against the proposal to extend the approval configuration with 18 to 13 points. This proposal had already become second last year and was therefore allowed to compete again.

During the lunch break, some participants had the opportunity to get to know syscovery employees in person, who they only knew from telephone or e-mail.

Many details about the use of the Savvy Suite in public administration were given to the participants in the next lecture. They experienced a very vivid description of the special challenges and hurdles that the project offered to merge the data from Savvy Suite and SAP Asset Accounting. Here, too, experiences and tips were shared.

In the concluding presentation, Klaus Kirchner took a look at the near and far future of the Savvy Suite. Both the current projects for key users in the new web application and the simplification of the configuration of web services in the administration application were highlighted. In the medium term, the focus will be on extended offerings for the operating teams and a focus on identity management.

In the concluding feedback round, the participants praised the content of the event as well as the open and constructive communication both within the circle of participants and with syscovery employees. For the first time, participants stated that their expectations had been significantly exceeded. In his closing remarks, Peter Schwamb invited the participants to participate in the Customer Forum 2016, but left the venue open.