Release 1.11.2 – Online help just one click away

The new the SavvySuite release is ready.

Now the online help is available for users in the web application. Read more about the most important changes here.

Online help for the web application

You selected the online help for users as a customer change from your change suggestions in spring and we have now implemented it.

Users can show or hide a help area in the web application as needed, which offers them support for the page they are viewing.

The product scope already includes the help texts for all functions in the basic delivery. In the Business Configuration Manager, you have the option of changing these texts individually and storing additional help for your own business processes, articles and attributes. The familiar translation function is also available for this purpose.

Improvements in the ordering process of the web application

Users can access the details of their articles throughout the ordering process and thus keep track of their selection.

Furthermore, they can now select multiple accessories for an item directly one after the other. This eliminates the need for users to repeatedly search for and select accessories for the same item.

New functions for entitlements

Self-service users and key users can now cancel entitlements they no longer need themselves and no longer need to involve the data owner. In doing so, they have the option to directly include additional entitlements in the termination.

If a user terminates a user account or entitlement object, the assigned entitlements are now automatically terminated as well. A separate termination of the entitlements is no longer necessary.

We were also active in the background: Until now, only the processes from module Entitlement Management could be used for entitlements. With the update to the new release, the regular Request Management business processes are used. The changeover is automatic. Read the release notes to find out what you need to consider in this regard before performing the update.

Creation of new articles

You can now create new articles in the Business Configuration Manager and via the Web API.

Using the AD connector in processes

You can configure – except for search – all administrative tasks that you want to perform from SavvySuite in Microsoft Active Directory directly in workflows. For this purpose, you have your own workflow elements for request management. When configuring the respective action, you will be asked for all information that the AD connector needs to perform the task.

Important announcement: SavvySuite Classic will be discontinued

Already now we inform you that SavvySuite Classic will no longer be included with the release in November 2023. From that point on, only the web application will be available for end users.