Release 1.10.4 – New categories for article search

Release of syscovery SavvySuite is now available for download for all customers with a software maintenance contract. In the following we have summarized some important topics of the new release for you.

Self service users in the web application

The new order page for Self Service users has been improved once again. The categories can now be sorted as desired and can also contain order proposals. This category structure is now also available in all other searches. The display of search result is weighted according to search terms and catalog assignment. A breadcrumb navigation (listing of the steps taken) provides an overview.

The overview page for order items has been completely redesigned. You can now see at a glance how many order items are still being processed and how many order items were successfully completed in a period of time you have selected. The latest 10 order items are listed below. With one click you can navigate to the corresponding lists.

The start page of the equipment has undergone a similar fundamental redesign. Initially, only equipment that is not an accessory or component is displayed here. From this overview, you can click on the equipment to reach the detail page, where all accessories and components are displayed in a structured way.

Key User in the Web Application

Have you already selected articles, but do not want to start the order yet? Or have you put together a bundle of articles that you would like to order again and again in this or a similar way? Then you now have the possibility to save the currently selected articles as a template and call them up in the future. In contrast to the Classic order basket template, templates can now also consist exclusively of accessories. Each user can define the templates individually for himself, other users will not see them.

Flexible process control for any equipment

Until now, you have defined business processes in the service class. Via inheritance to the articles, the processes were then available at the equipment – or not. From now on, it is possible to mark business processes at the equipment as locked if certain business processes are not to be triggered or are only to be triggered in a defined period of time (example: runtime end process only from the end of the minimum runtime).

Display invoice data

We transfer further functionalities from the Classic Web application to the HTML5 Web application. This time it was the turn of Invoice Management. Self Service users can now see what has been charged for their equipment. Compactly for the last month or detailed for up to 10 years backwards. Cost managers export the invoice data for their area of responsibility in a csv file, which they can then prepare in a spreadsheet as required.

In the Invoice Management module, there have also been changes in the license calculation. Please refer to the Release Notes to see if any measures are required for your system.

Articles in the catalog tree

The decentralized catalog administration executed in any browser also receives additional features. Now a catalog administrator can configure at which position (or positions) of the catalog structure an article should be attached and in which order articles or order proposals should be displayed in the catalog category.

In addition, Release 1.10.4 offers many more new features:

  • Configuring RM processes easier: New acceptance workflows or work orders automatically transfer changed properties from the order item to the equipment. A separate CI update workflow is no longer necessary.
  • New workflow actions support the IDM process: Complete order item, set status automatically, create person object – there are now specialized actions for this.
  • For the first time, an export of organizational data is provided as a REST (Representational State Transfer) Web service in addition to the file-based procedures available up to now.
  • More secure than ever: from now on all internal interfaces are encrypted, even the storage of connection data in configuration files is only encrypted.
  • The IDM person details page can now also be accessed via direct jump.

As usual, the new SavvySuite release is available for download in our Customer Interaction Center. After logging in, click on Knowledge Center -> Setup packages.