Business Operations (A21)

Based on the knowledge acquired in the basic training about functionalities and procedures in the web application, this training focuses on the operation of the administration application and the web-based Decentralized Catalog Administration.

Based on simple practical examples, you will learn how to implement requirements of departments in catalog, article and process structures in SavvySuite. What are the options for implementing the project scope? What should you pay attention to? Which information is important, which questions should you therefore ask?

Your system is already in productive use and you are going to support it functionally? Then this training will first give you an insight into processes and functionalities of SavvySuite. At which points is it possible and reasonable to intervene in the processes in exceptional cases? You will learn how to set sickness substitutions, manually correct inventories or process escalations.

However, operating SavvySuite also includes the question of how you can track and identify errors that occur during operation. We will show you how to identify and fix configuration errors, but also explain the support services of syscovery in the context of a incident ticket.

A central component of the training are exercises, in which you independently reproduce and deepen what you have learned after each information block using a practical example in our training environment.

After this training, you can take a certification exam to become a „SavvySuite Certified Business Operator (ZERTBO)“ at any time.

Target audience

  • Project team members during SavvySuite implementation or expansion
  • Catalog managers who take care of the SavvySuite service catalog
  • Operations team members who provide technical support for process configuration in SavvySuite
  • Helpdesk staff who want to track processes and identify errors


  • Introduction to the administration application
  • Transporting data to follow-on systems
  • Designing catalog structure
  • Catalog contents: Articles, bundles, order proposals
  • Technical background: Service classes, accessories definition
  • Concept and configuration of service scopes
  • Understanding and applying orderability rules
  • Design of business processes
  • Order process flow and configuration
  • Designing approval processes – fallback – approval checking
  • Using custom attributes – data types – display configuration
  • Mapping hierarchy structures in different dimensions
  • Linking person objects
  • Authorization concept – Use and maintenance of roles and positions
  • Import and export of master data and assets
  • Introduction to the use of work order tasks
  • Workflow monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Practical tips – examples of tasks from practice


Training type and duration

Virtual classroom, 3 days á approx. 8 hours

Price per participant: 1770,- Euro net plus VAT.


25. - 27.09.2023


8:00 - 18:00


1,770.00 €

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3 days
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