You are not alone!

This year syscovery invited to the fifth SavvySuite customer forum in Worms on June 12 and 13, 2018. This year, more than 30 participants gathered in the Great Liebfrauensaal of the “Das Wormser” conference centre, another increase compared to the previous year.

Dr. Peter Schwamb

The first presentation, the key note by syscovery CEO Dr. Peter Schwamb, dealt this year with the hype surrounding the EU DSGVO. He described to the participants where SavvySuite is affected by this regulation and how it supports customers.

This was followed, as usual, by a round of introductions in which the participants briefly introduced themselves and their colleagues, but also the SavvySuite usage scenario. New customers from Austria and Switzerland who attended for the first time were particularly warmly welcomed. Moderator Uwe Sacherer presented a wine gift to a particularly loyal regular customer who had never missed a customer forum before.

Klaus Kirchner

During lecture number two Klaus Kirchner took the participants on an excursion into the world of SavvySuite Entitlement Management. He presented the revised concept for data owners and authorizations for the new release, which does not require structuring higher levels and is therefore very easy to implement. He also showed this in practical examples of a configuration in the demo system.

The lunch break was not only an opportunity to exchange ideas with other customers. Many syscovery employees, who previously only knew their customer contacts by phone, could now get to know each other personally and assign a face to the voice.

Bastian Wolf

Bastian Wolf, head of SavvySuite product development, presented the new features of Release 1.10.1. In addition to the enhancements already mentioned in the EM module for the new Web application, there were also extended price displays, a completely revised wizard for self-service orders, in which work steps are now only displayed if they are required, and improved links between various data objects in the administration application.

The first customer lecture led the participants into the world of the demigods in white, to a university hospital with further affiliated hospitals. He showed how a self-written application used for many years, which was configured “to the customer’s liking”, was replaced by the SavvySuite, an “off-the-shelf” software, so to speak. The results of the one-year project were so positive that the SavvySuite is now to be introduced at other customers of this IT provider.

Uwe Sacherer

Block five was another regular component of the customer forums. The Feedback & Future Workshops conducted by syscovery Product Development with various customers resulted in five suggestions for changes to the SavvySuite, presented by Uwe Sacherer:

  1. Home page news – Announcements and information from the provider on the SavvySuite home page, formatable with HTML tags and controllable by start and end date
  2. WYSIWYG-Editor – Easily add HTML formatting to article descriptions and mails via an editor
  3. Search fields for equipment and order items – Key users should be able to decide which search fields are displayed at all and how they are sorted
  4. Order history – The equipment can be used to track who ordered or approved what and when
  5. Fill attributes – fill fixed and dynamic attributes in a request once, even if they are used on different data objects

With 25.5 points, proposal four ended up well ahead of the 12 points of proposal five and the nine points of proposal one. It is now being implemented for Release 1.10.2.

The evening program began for the drivers with a phenomenon almost unknown in Worms – the traffic chaos around the closed roundabout on Andreasstraße. On foot we walked “Between Day and Darkness” to curious and legendary sites of the city of Worms. Punctually at the beginning of the tour the rain stopped, so that the group came dry through the old town of Worms. The evening ended in Osthofen in the restaurant Vis-a-Vis with rump steak or asparagus risotto and a glass of Rhine-Hessian wine.

Reinhard Kehl

On the second day, Reinhard Kehl, Head of Consulting, dealt with the New-Employee-Process. How can a seamless interaction between identity, service request and password management processes be achieved?

Customer presentation number two came from a new customer from Austria, who initially only handles hardware and software deployment via SavvySuite. As with almost all other customers, a central challenge was to strike a balance between the desired standardization on the one hand and the need to respond to the specific wishes of all customer organizations on the other. The three participants made their way back to Austria with the reassuring realization: we are not alone!

After Klaus Kirchner’s excursion to the EM module on the first day, an intensive look at the Invoice Management module of the SavvySuite was on the agenda. Thus the participants received new suggestions and ideas, how article prices and internal activity allocation can be used.

The lunch break with fresh cheese rolls in crepes coats with rocket and fig mustard, asparagus radish salad with turkey schnitzel and similar delicacies offered the opportunity to have a look at the latest release of the Savvy Suite or to answer questions that had arisen in the discussion about the various implementation possibilities. The experts of syscovery were available for all questions.

Sherzod Ubaydulloev

The question of how identity management and request management processes can be linked was already discussed at the beginning of the day. Sherzod Ubaydulloev’s lecture showed the implementation in detail. Which systems are involved – how is the process implemented? The best practice proposal followed an actual implementation in a project.

In the last lecture of the day Dr. Peter Schwamb went on a journey through time. Which topics were on the agenda of the last releases, how were they implemented? Integrated in this picture, he took a look at the points to be realized at short notice in the current release, at the further strategy for the conversion of the Classic Web functionalities for the HTML5 web application and at future ideas without previously defined realization plans.

Supplied with a small present and plenty of discussion material, the participants set off on their journey home. Almost all participants were very satisfied with the event and took home some suggestions for possible modifications of the SavvySuite.