EnBW Systeme Infrastruktur Support GmbH: Control is the specialist department’s task

EnBW, one of the lar­gest ener­gy com­pa­nies in Ger­ma­ny, estab­lis­hed the sys­co­very Sav­vy­Sui­te as the cen­tral tool for ITSM pro­cess sup­port in con­nec­tion with the cen­tral ERP sys­tem. The work load of the inter­nal order pro­ces­sing team has been redu­ced signi­fi­cant­ly by imple­men­ting the ser­vice lifecy­cle manage­ment solu­ti­on based on the sys­co­very SavvySuite.

Find the ent­i­re pro­ject report here as down­load.