First customer convention was a very successful event

On June, 24 and 25, the first syscovery Savvy Suite customer convention took place at Parkhotel Prinz Carl in Worms. In seven presentations, details of the new release were explained, customers shared their usage and experiences with the Savvy Suite and the roadmap for future development was announced. Especially suggestions and concepts of the customer presentations generated interest – slides, ideas and business cards were exchanged.

Block 4 raised an especially lively response: syscovery had prepared a list of 5 change requests in advance to the meeting, collecting customer input as well as ideas from consulting department. Participant voting decided, which of the changes will be included in the next release of syscovery Savvy Suite. The result was clear; twelve points went to the workflow package, enhancing controlling possibilities for workflows and making workflow configuration in the administration application easier.

The participant feedback was unanimously positive:
“Very intense exchange which may become useful for the future work”
“Many thanks to the syscovery team for this completely successful event”

So, at the end of the event all participants asked for a follow-up of the convention. Dr. Peter Schwamb, managing director of syscovery, announced in his closing words that the customer convention will be repeated on a yearly basis.

Positive response to the second customer forum

After the premiere of the syscovery customer forum in June 2014, when all participants wished for a regular continuation of the event, the time had come. The second syscovery customer forum took place in Worms on 16 and 17 June 2015. The organizers were able to welcome more visitors than in the previous year to the event, which again took place in the rooms of the Parkhotel Prinz Carl.

After introductory words by syscovery managing director Peter Schwamb, the participants introduced themselves briefly. Peter Schwamb thanked two customers “from the very beginning” who have been using the Savvy Suite for 10 years now.

The first two presentations dealt with the innovations of the current Savvy Suite release, which has been available since December 2014 and has just been updated with the hotfix Bastian Wolf’s demonstration of the new web application with distributed roles on iPad and iPhone was very well received.

After the coffee break, during which the participants took the opportunity to try out what they had just seen for themselves in a demo environment, there was a practical report from the Identity Management area. Using a concrete example, the integration of the Savvy Suite with the company’s systems leading for organizational data was shown, obstacles and solutions were presented.

At the beginning of the second day, Sherzod Ubaydulloev gave a live presentation to the amazed forum participants on how to configure a newly installed system in half an hour so that there are only two minutes between order creation in the Savvy Suite and virtual machine creation in VMware using the new PowerShell connector.

This rather technical demonstration was followed by a testimonial from a major customer. In just a few weeks, it checked for approximately 1.2 million privileges from 54,000 roles in 60 systems, for approximately 1.2 million privileges, whether the more than 210,000 privileged users should retain this role or be withdrawn from it. Here, too, many empirical values and findings could be gathered which the other participants were very interested in.

In 2014, it was the workflow package that was implemented in the new release and already brings significant benefits to some customers. In the run-up to this year’s event, Uwe Sacherer again prepared customer requests, feedback from the consulting team and the results of the Feedback & Future Sessions and transformed them into five change proposals. The participants discussed eagerly and voted: the attribute package won this year. The configuration of the use and display of attributes in service classes should become simpler, clearer and faster. This concept was able to prevail against the proposal to extend the approval configuration with 18 to 13 points. This proposal had already become second last year and was therefore allowed to compete again.

During the lunch break, some participants had the opportunity to get to know syscovery employees in person, who they only knew from telephone or e-mail.

Many details about the use of the Savvy Suite in public administration were given to the participants in the next lecture. They experienced a very vivid description of the special challenges and hurdles that the project offered to merge the data from Savvy Suite and SAP Asset Accounting. Here, too, experiences and tips were shared.

In the concluding presentation, Klaus Kirchner took a look at the near and far future of the Savvy Suite. Both the current projects for key users in the new web application and the simplification of the configuration of web services in the administration application were highlighted. In the medium term, the focus will be on extended offerings for the operating teams and a focus on identity management.

In the concluding feedback round, the participants praised the content of the event as well as the open and constructive communication both within the circle of participants and with syscovery employees. For the first time, participants stated that their expectations had been significantly exceeded. In his closing remarks, Peter Schwamb invited the participants to participate in the Customer Forum 2016, but left the venue open.

Third Savvy Suite Customer Forum in Worms

syscovery announces the third Savvy Suite Customer Forum, taking place in Worms, Germany on June 7 and 8, 2016.

We would like to invite you to get in contact with our specialists as well as other Savvy Suite users. See all new features of our new Savvy Suite Release 1.9.3 at first hand. Please note that many of the presentations will be held in German language.

We would be very happy to welcome you as a participant of this event.

Intensive information exchange at third Savvy Suite customer forum.

This year’s Savvy Suite customer forum took place in Worms, Germany, on June 7 and 8, 2016. This was the third time the event has taken place, which practically makes it a tradition. Once again, the organizers were pleased with the increased number of customers who registered. For the first time ever, the customer forum took place in the “Das Wormser” event center.

Managing director Dr. Peter Schwamb in his key note address

In his key note address, syscovery managing director Dr. Peter Schwamb looked back on his presentation from 1999 and compared the customer requirements from back then to their present-day implementation.

Following Schwamb’s presentation, participants briefly introduced themselves. Out of all the participants, a participant from Sofia, Bulgaria traveled the furthest to attend.

The first customer presentation focused on Workplace Management. The presentation vividly illustrated the challenges and obstacles involved in introducing standardized products into a very large organization with many national subsidiaries. Many participants jotted down new ideas while the solution approaches were being presented.

When it was time for a lunch break, several syscovery employees joined the customer forum participants. This enabled both parties to finally put faces to the voices they were used to hearing on the phone, and it was an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another.

Bastian Wolf presenting the new features of release 1.9.3

Like in previous years, the customer forum was also used to present the newly published 1.9.3 release. The head of Savvy Suite development, Bastian Wolf, explained the new key user functions in the new web application. He also presented the modified configuration options for attributes in the administration application. These were the modifications which received the most points during the voting session in the 2015 customer forum.

The next presentation scheduled was supposed to be a progress report on a customer project regarding workstation virtualization. Unfortunately, the presenter had to cancel on short notice, so the head of Savvy Suite Consulting, Reinhard Kehl, presented the key points of the project. These included the connection of multiple separate networks and Active Directories, logical separation of customer data, standardization of services as well as the organizational integration of different participants.

The day ended with the presentation of customer suggestions that were collected throughout the year through Feedback & Future workshops with the customers. Uwe Sacherer explained the four suggestions regarding order proposals, attribute texts and inventory evaluations. The runner-up, with a total of 16 points, was the suggestion to allow order proposals consisting exclusively of accessory items. The winning suggestion, with 25 points, which is scheduled to be implemented in the next release, is the suggestion to provide administrators with an analysis option which analyses existing configuration items in Savvy Suite and creates recommendations for catalog offers or order proposals based on target groups.

After a very unique and interesting tour of the St. Peter’s Cathedral with Provost Tobias Schäfer, the day ended without so much as a drop of rain (despite thunderstorm warnings) and with participants enjoying a glass of wine and other Rhine-Hessian delicacies.

One of our longtime customers opened the second day of the customer forum with a report on a project that is currently being implemented. The goal of the project is to gradually replace an aging software program created by the customer for automating actions in the Active Directory. The first step was the connection of AD components in the cloud using the Savvy Suite’s PowerShell connector.

In the next presentation, Dr. Bernd Mügge compared the use of mobile device management for different customers. In this process, the MobileIron and IBM MaaS360 software solutions were connected via the PowerShell connector or via SOAP web services. There were differences, especially when it came to billing, but also in the processes offered and in the number of permitted end devices.

As usual, the participants used the breaks as an opportunity to share their experiences. Participants were invited to try out the new release for themselves on two demo systems. The syscovery experts were there to answer all kinds of questions.

Ramin Mashaykhi gave visitors a more in-depth look into the technical details of the PowerShell connector in his presentation on automated provisioning. The flexibility for different application scenarios and the transparency of the processes for the operation team have been significantly increased as a result of integrating work orders. Participants took a complete list of best practice suggestions with them as they left.

The following customer presentation was dedicated to a completely different topic. Audience members took a quick journey through time back to 2005. The IT service provider at the time earned an annual flat rate from its client. Since then, Savvy Suite has ensured that IT services can now be invoiced individually and on a cost-driver basis and have drastically reduced the efforts for invoice control on the customer side and for forecasting on the IT side.

Klaus Kirchner closed the session by discussing the outlook for planning Savvy Suite further developments. Key topics here include further cost cutting as well as governance and security. Specific plans have been made for the use of additional key user functions and the use of Work Order Management in the new web application. The support of additional languages and the decentralized catalog administration are on the agenda in the long term.

Successful monitoring audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001

After completion of the regular monitoring audit, TÜV Süd’s auditor confirmed that the quality management system of syscovery Business Solutions GmbH is still EN ISO 9001 certified.

Networking at the fourth SavvySuite Customer Forum

This year’s SavvySuite Customer Forum took place in Worms on 16 and 17 May 2017. Due to holidays and trade fair dates, the event was held about a month earlier this year than in previous years. syscovery invited its customers to Worms for the fourth time. As in the previous year, the customer forum took place in the “Das Wormser” event centre.
Dr. Peter Schwamb, Managing Director of syscovery, welcomed about 30 participants to the Liebfrauensaal at 11 am.

In his key note, he took a look at current developments in the area of cloud technology and noted that this offering is slowly establishing itself on the market.

Afterwards, the participants introduced themselves briefly. The longest journey this year was from Zurich and Sofia.

The first presentation was dedicated to the release 1.9.4, which was released in December 2016. Some participants had already made experiences with the new release, the others received the information about the new features from the head of Savvy Suite product development, Bastian Wolf. In addition to minor improvements in the display of tasks and mandatory fields, Microsoft’s Edge browser is now also supported. In the area of key users, there were improvements in the triggering of collective changes in the Web application and extensions for new orders from the catalog and for accessories.

During the lunch break, while enjoying wraps and mini-burgers, customers met with syscovery staff who would otherwise only contact them by e-mail or telephone. Thus one could finally assign a face to the telephone voice and get to know each other personally.

The first customer presentation was held by a customer from Zurich. He used many key figures to describe the development of the system since its introduction five years ago. Initially 250 articles in the service catalogue have now grown to 7,000, and six responsible employees have since become one. The next big step is to switch to a cloud-based system.

Another regular component of the customer forums is the presentation of the change proposals for the next release. Customers who participated in the Feedback & Future Workshops with syscovery product development during the year were able to submit suggestions for changes. These were consolidated and elaborated in 5 proposals. Uwe Sacherer explained the proposals on the following topics

  1. quick steps – simplifying order placement for self-service users
  2. price display – extended display of prices in the order process
  3. simplified administration of representations
  4. change the assignment to system transport changes for data objects
  5. queries to the client – service recipient – approver

With 18 points, the proposal number 1 for the introduction of an additional option for self-service users came in second place. With 21 points, the winner and thus scheduled for implementation in the next release, proposal 2 is to list the price display in detail for each item in the order wizard and on the approval item detail page.

During the coffee break there was the opportunity to clarify questions that had arisen on two demo systems and to try out the latest developments for oneself. The experts of syscovery were available for all questions.

The last customer presentation of the day was about centralized workplace management. The speakers described the challenges and progress of introducing standardized products in a very large organization with many national companies.

The day ended with a visit to the Spohr winery in Worms-Abenheim, where a bottle or two of wine was tasted in addition to various delicacies (e.g. asparagus tarte flambé). Between chops and oven slippers with strawberries, one or two SavvySuite configuration questions were discussed.

Uwe Sacherer opened the second day of the customer forum with an overview of the latest module of SavvySuite, Work Order Management. Various sample processes were run through in the administration application and the Web application. The possibilities of serialization, integration of different workflows and escalation were explained in theory and demonstrated in practice.

The next presentation was about the connection of SavvySuite to the Microsoft System Configuration Center Manager (SCCM). Sherzod Ubaydulloev compared the possibilities of software management via device membership in an AD group and management via direct control of the SCCM via the PowerShell connector. Various options for using individual packages or collections were explained and evaluated.

The topic cloud was the focus of Klaus Kirchner’s lecture. He explained the motivation of syscovery to implement a transfer to the cloud for the in-house SavvySuite, in this case Microsoft Azure. This was about the flexibility of not having to take hardware with you for worldwide training, scalability and certification. On the basis of statistical evaluations and model calculations, however, he also showed that such a change is also purely financially worthwhile.

As usual, the participants used the lunch break for a lively exchange of experiences. The new concept with finger food instead of a hearty meal met this purpose and was highly praised by the participants.

As usual, the conclusion was a look at the roadmap. This time Bastian Wolf not only reported on the medium-term topics (key user functionalities in the OM/IDM module; decentralized catalog administration). He also looked at the current development of Release 1.10. Here he dealt in more detail with the following topics

  • Release for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016
  • Changeover of the installation procedure: Update installation also for major releases
  • Administration of 32 languages
  • Configuration of order proposals in the administration application
  • Ordering and managing data folders and associated permissions
  • Cluster analysis of inventory data

Around 2:30 pm Peter Schwamb said goodbye to the participants. Almost all participants were very satisfied with the event and took home one or two suggestions for possible extensions of the SavvySuite.

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Fifth SavvySuite Customer Forum in Worms

like in the past, a syscovery SavvySuite customer forum will be held and we would be very happy to welcome you as a participant.

We would like to invite you to visit us at the city of our headquarters in Worms to meet other SavvySuite customers, for specialist talks with our expert team and to collect the latest news concerning the new SavvySuite releases. Please note that all presentations will be held in German language.

DATE. June 12 & 13, 2018

LOCATION: Das Wormser conference center, Worms

Do you know about co-workers that might be interested in our customer forum? Please feel free to forward this message to them.

We would be very happy to welcome you as participant of this event.

Your syscovery team

You are not alone!

This year syscovery invited to the fifth SavvySuite customer forum in Worms on June 12 and 13, 2018. This year, more than 30 participants gathered in the Great Liebfrauensaal of the “Das Wormser” conference centre, another increase compared to the previous year.

Dr. Peter Schwamb

The first presentation, the key note by syscovery CEO Dr. Peter Schwamb, dealt this year with the hype surrounding the EU DSGVO. He described to the participants where SavvySuite is affected by this regulation and how it supports customers.

This was followed, as usual, by a round of introductions in which the participants briefly introduced themselves and their colleagues, but also the SavvySuite usage scenario. New customers from Austria and Switzerland who attended for the first time were particularly warmly welcomed. Moderator Uwe Sacherer presented a wine gift to a particularly loyal regular customer who had never missed a customer forum before.

Klaus Kirchner

During lecture number two Klaus Kirchner took the participants on an excursion into the world of SavvySuite Entitlement Management. He presented the revised concept for data owners and authorizations for the new release, which does not require structuring higher levels and is therefore very easy to implement. He also showed this in practical examples of a configuration in the demo system.

The lunch break was not only an opportunity to exchange ideas with other customers. Many syscovery employees, who previously only knew their customer contacts by phone, could now get to know each other personally and assign a face to the voice.

Bastian Wolf

Bastian Wolf, head of SavvySuite product development, presented the new features of Release 1.10.1. In addition to the enhancements already mentioned in the EM module for the new Web application, there were also extended price displays, a completely revised wizard for self-service orders, in which work steps are now only displayed if they are required, and improved links between various data objects in the administration application.

The first customer lecture led the participants into the world of the demigods in white, to a university hospital with further affiliated hospitals. He showed how a self-written application used for many years, which was configured “to the customer’s liking”, was replaced by the SavvySuite, an “off-the-shelf” software, so to speak. The results of the one-year project were so positive that the SavvySuite is now to be introduced at other customers of this IT provider.

Uwe Sacherer

Block five was another regular component of the customer forums. The Feedback & Future Workshops conducted by syscovery Product Development with various customers resulted in five suggestions for changes to the SavvySuite, presented by Uwe Sacherer:

  1. Home page news – Announcements and information from the provider on the SavvySuite home page, formatable with HTML tags and controllable by start and end date
  2. WYSIWYG-Editor – Easily add HTML formatting to article descriptions and mails via an editor
  3. Search fields for equipment and order items – Key users should be able to decide which search fields are displayed at all and how they are sorted
  4. Order history – The equipment can be used to track who ordered or approved what and when
  5. Fill attributes – fill fixed and dynamic attributes in a request once, even if they are used on different data objects

With 25.5 points, proposal four ended up well ahead of the 12 points of proposal five and the nine points of proposal one. It is now being implemented for Release 1.10.2.

The evening program began for the drivers with a phenomenon almost unknown in Worms – the traffic chaos around the closed roundabout on Andreasstraße. On foot we walked “Between Day and Darkness” to curious and legendary sites of the city of Worms. Punctually at the beginning of the tour the rain stopped, so that the group came dry through the old town of Worms. The evening ended in Osthofen in the restaurant Vis-a-Vis with rump steak or asparagus risotto and a glass of Rhine-Hessian wine.

Reinhard Kehl

On the second day, Reinhard Kehl, Head of Consulting, dealt with the New-Employee-Process. How can a seamless interaction between identity, service request and password management processes be achieved?

Customer presentation number two came from a new customer from Austria, who initially only handles hardware and software deployment via SavvySuite. As with almost all other customers, a central challenge was to strike a balance between the desired standardization on the one hand and the need to respond to the specific wishes of all customer organizations on the other. The three participants made their way back to Austria with the reassuring realization: we are not alone!

After Klaus Kirchner’s excursion to the EM module on the first day, an intensive look at the Invoice Management module of the SavvySuite was on the agenda. Thus the participants received new suggestions and ideas, how article prices and internal activity allocation can be used.

The lunch break with fresh cheese rolls in crepes coats with rocket and fig mustard, asparagus radish salad with turkey schnitzel and similar delicacies offered the opportunity to have a look at the latest release of the Savvy Suite or to answer questions that had arisen in the discussion about the various implementation possibilities. The experts of syscovery were available for all questions.

Sherzod Ubaydulloev

The question of how identity management and request management processes can be linked was already discussed at the beginning of the day. Sherzod Ubaydulloev’s lecture showed the implementation in detail. Which systems are involved – how is the process implemented? The best practice proposal followed an actual implementation in a project.

In the last lecture of the day Dr. Peter Schwamb went on a journey through time. Which topics were on the agenda of the last releases, how were they implemented? Integrated in this picture, he took a look at the points to be realized at short notice in the current release, at the further strategy for the conversion of the Classic Web functionalities for the HTML5 web application and at future ideas without previously defined realization plans.

Supplied with a small present and plenty of discussion material, the participants set off on their journey home. Almost all participants were very satisfied with the event and took home some suggestions for possible modifications of the SavvySuite.

Successful monitoring audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

After completion of the regular monitoring audit, TÜV Süd’s auditor confirmed that the quality management system of syscovery Business Solutions GmbH is still EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Sixth SavvySuite Customer Forum in Worms

Like in the past, a SavvySuite customer forum will be held and we would be very happy to welcome you as a participant.

We would like to invite you to visit us at the city of our headquarters in Worms to meet other SavvySuite customers, for specialist talks with our expert team and to collect the latest news concerning the new SavvySuite releases. Please note that all presentations will be held in German language.

DATE: May 21 & 22, 2019
LOCATION: Das Wormser conference center, Worms

Do you know about co-workers that might be interested in our customer forum? Please feel free to forward this message to them.
We would be very happy to welcome you as participant of this event.

Your syscovery team